MBA in Apparel Merchandising

MBA in Apparel Merchandising is a locally and internationally recognized two years fully Masters program. This program intends to develop managers by enhancing teaching skill & competencies required for apparel manufacturing technology. Achieving 60 credits, a student will be highly professional to enter as Merchandiser in RMG (Ready Made Garments) sector.

  • Cost of MBA Program
Admission fee 15,500/-
Semester fee (6000×4) 24,000 /-
Tuition fee (3000×24) 72,000/-
Total( to complete the program) 1,11,500/-

(Waiver available for meritorious & poor students)

Eligibility for Admission: Graduate

B.Sc (Hon’s) in Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)

Fashion design is the art of application of design and natural beauty on fabrics and accessories. The term Fashion is used in relation to the latest and the most admire style in cloth, dresses, garments, textile etc. Fashion Design & Technology (FDT) program allows you to develop the technical & creative edge in designing original & inspiring collections. This program provides the students with practical variety of textile, pattern making and industry which enables them to set up their own design or manufacturing business.

  • Cost of the program
Admission fee                            12,500/-
Semester fee (10000×8)                            80,000 /-
Tuition fee (4000×48)                         1,92,000/-
Total (to complete the program)                         2,84,500/-

(Waiver available for meritorious & poor)

B.Sc (Hon’s) in Apparel Manufacture and Technology (AMT)

Apparel manufacturing and technology   (AMT) is a multidimensional learning system that provides underippings   knowledge on the manufacture of Apparel .  At Dhaka Institute of Fashion & Technology (DIFT), the AMT program provides the key to entering the glamorous fashion world. The mission of the program is to provide a quality education for students preparing themselves for professional in the areas related to apparel manufacturing industry.
DIFT curriculum focuses on the importance of leadership, network, creativity & effective communication in decision making from the voluntary development to the delivery of the finished product.

  • Cost of the program
Admission fee 12,500/-
Semester fee (10000×8) 80,000 /-
Tuition fee (4000×48) 1,92,000/-
Total( to complete Program) 2,84,500/-

(Waiver available for meritorious & poor)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The BBA program is followed by a range of elective courses, which provide opportunities for focusing on certain professional disciplines .This program is a multidisciplinary course of action which provide development of skills and judgment of an entity for effective management. The distinction is on the development of a student’s   ability to evaluate business and organizational situations so as to enable him/her in making informed and creative judgment about policy and operations. Central to this approach is the development of creativity and judgment in students.

  • Cost of BBA Program
Admission fee 10,500/-
Semester fee (8000×8) 64,000 /-
Tuition fee (1750×48) 84,000/-
Total (to complete the program) 1,58,500/-

(Waiver available for meritorious & poor)

Post Graduation Diploma in Library Science (PGD-LIS)

The post Graduate Diploma in information and Library studies is accredited as a professional course that will equip you for a career in librarianship. It offers an opportunity for those who have completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline to develop an understanding of the theory and principles of librarianship.

  • Cost of PGD-LIS
Admission fee 10,500/-
Tuition fee 34,000/-
Total( to complete the program) 44,500/-

Eligibility for Admission: Graduation in any discipline or equivalent degree.


Only academic qualification is not always good enough to provide students a better job. Hence a professional course is necessary beside the academic education, through which a great career can be achieved .Thinking this matter into consideration. DIFT has been successfully providing the following short term (Certificate) & long term (Diploma) courses since 2010. After obtaining good hands­- on training from DIFT, our students are working several garments, buying houses, composite factories fashion, interior design firms & getting attractive salaries or successfully running their own business.

Name of course Duration Course fee
Apparel Merchandising 1 year/6 month TK.50,500/25,500
Fashion Design 1 year/6 month TK.50,500/25,500
Interior Design 1 year/6 month TK.80,500/40,500
Graphic Design 3month TK.10,500

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